3 reasons why Joe Flacco could start for Cleveland Browns in 2024

Could this wild scenario happen?
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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2. The Browns could go on a deep playoff run with the QB

The Browns might be in a great spot to go on a deep playoff run. Honestly, outside of the Baltimore Ravens, I'm not sure there is a better AFC team right now than the Browns. Both sides of the ball are cooking, and if the team were to make a deep playoff run, why would they not want to bring Flacco back in 2024?

I guess he could make the decision easy for them and just return at season's end, but I'd have to believe that he'd have an itch to come back in 2024 if the team makes a deep run. Tell me why the Cleveland Browns can't win the Super Bowl this year? Flacco has a 10-5 playoff record and has won a Super Bowl before.

And their defense is plenty good enough to help the Browns reach this goal, even with the amount of injuries that side of the ball has dealt with. There's a lot to like about the Browns at this point, as they are getting production everywhere. Plus, if Flacco were to return to the team in 2024, he'd surely not command a super rich contract.

He'd obviously get re-signed on a one-year deal and I don't think it could be worth more than $10 million. I could be very wrong, though.