3 reasons why Joe Flacco could start for Cleveland Browns in 2024

Could this wild scenario happen?
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3. Believe it or not, Deshaun Watson's contract is moveable

The worst contract in all of sports is Deshaun Watson's, who signed a fully guaranteed deal with the team when he got traded. Here's some perspective, here; if the Browns were to cut him as a post-June 1st designation, they'd eat $155.9 million in dead cap in 2024. They'd absorb another $109.9 in 2025 and $63.9 in 2026.

It is indeed financially impossible to move the contract, for the most part. If the Browns were to trade him as a post-June 1st designation, they'd have just $17.9 million in dead cap and would save $46 million on their books in 2024, 2025, and 2026. With how poorly Watson has played, no one would want to trade for the player. However, could there be a scenario where the Browns sweeten the deal?

Could the Browns include a package of draft picks and players to get a team to trade for him? We've seen that type of deal before. The team acquiring Watson would likely send a mid or late-round pick for Watson and would receive the QB and other players and draft picks.

I know this sounds absolutely insane, but there are paths to move Deshaun Watson. A contract restructuring would allow the Browns to save $33.5 on their cap in 2024, so I guess restructuring the deal could also open up the possibility of a trade.

You're likely going to see Flacco ride off into the sunset in 2024 or return as the QB2 of the Browns. Deshaun Watson is probably going to be the starter of this team in 2024, but not because he's earned that role.