3 reasons why Robert Saleh should return to New York Jets in 2024

There are clear arguments to keep Robert Saleh in 2024.
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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3. Keep the continuity together

This one kind of coincides with my second point, but on a more broad level, it's smart to keep the chemistry and continuity together for at least on more season. When the New York Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers, they clearly wanted and still want to go all-in with him. Rodgers has played a ton of football in his career and has won at the highest level.

He's a four-time MVP and a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Only a handful of other QBs in the NFL have won a Super Bowl, and the Jets have one of them. For a team that has been starving for winning football for ages, Aaron Rodgers provides that potential spark they need, and firing the coaching staff only lessens their chances at getting back to winning.

Sure, if it was a guarantee that Jim Harbaugh would come coach the Jets, I could see the team parting ways with Saleh and his staff, but that is simply not realistic to bank on. The Jets would be wise to keep the continuity for at least one more year. And if the team doesn't find the success they had hoped for in 2024, firing Saleh and his staff is a very logical decision.