3 salary-cap decisions Chiefs will have to make in 2024

What kind of salary cap decisions will the Chiefs have to make in 2024?
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Will Trey Smith or Creed Humphrey get contract extensions this offseason?

The Chiefs have the best interior offensive line in the NFL when healthy. Joe Thuney is one of the best guards in the NFL. And Trey Smith is right up there as well. Creed Humphrey is an excellent center. Both Humphrey and Smith were 2021 NFL Draft picks and both are now eligible for extensions this offseason.

However, the Chiefs don't have a ton of money to spend as of now and do have both Joe Thuney and Jawaan Taylor on massive deals. Both Smith and Humphrey are extremely deserving of new deals, but will the Chiefs jump at the chance to extend one or both?

The Chiefs' tackle situation is a bit unstable, as Donovan Smith is bad and is a free agent, and Jawaan Taylor was just not that great in 2023, getting called for about 912 penalties this year. I do think there is going to be an odd man out between Humphrey and Smith, but the Chiefs' OL is one of the best in the NFL.

So on one hand, Brett Veach trying to at least keep that iOL together in the long-term would be a smart idea. On the other hand, how much money is too much money to be invested into one unit? The Chiefs could trade Trey Smith for a solid draft pick, as Humphrey does play the more valuable position and is the slighty better player.

Who knows what happens, but it'll be an interesting financial decision.