3 teams that could spoil Chiefs quest at a three-peat in 2024 NFL Season

Which three teams could spoil the Kansas City Chiefs quest to three-peat in 2024?

Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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The Kansas City Chiefs will try to do something that no other NFL team has ever done, and that is win three Super Bowls in a row. Right now, they should be seen as the favorites to three-peat until it doesn't happen. After two-straight Super Bowl victories, the Chiefs franchise could not be in a better spot.

And with Andy Reid and Travis Kelce both likely to return in 2024, the team surely likes their chances to again win the Super Bowl. However, there are 31 other teams in the NFL, and those 31 other teams do indeed want the same thing. Could there be a few teams that get in the way of the Chiefs three-peating in 2024?

3 teams that could spoil Chiefs quest at a three-peat in 2024 NFL Season
1. Cincinnati Bengals

Duh. The other QB still playing that has proven to be able to beat Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs is Joe Burrow. No other QB can do it as of now. There is no debate. It's Mahomes, Burrow, and the rest of the QBs in the NFL. Obviously, Burrow suffered a season-ending injury in 2023, so the Bengals did not make the postseason.

However, when Burrow is healthy, the Bengals are a viable Super Bowl team that has had their way with the Chiefs in the regular season. Burrow and the Bengals are 2-0 in the regular season and 3-1 overall versus Mahomes and the Chiefs. If the Bengals come back healthy in 2024 and see an improvement from their defense, they can spoil the Chiefs three-peat quest.