3 teams that could trade up in the first round of the NFL Draft

Who wants to go after some of the elite talent in the NFL Draft?

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Every year there's always a team or two that moves up in the NFL Draft to take someone of elite talent to help out the team. Or, if someone is unexpectedly is falling teams will be offering up anything to make an unexpected pick. With the offensive talent in this year's class there will be teams trying to move up, but who exactly? Who could possibly move up in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?

3 teams that could trade up in the first round of the NFL Draft

1. Seattle Seahawks

Currently, the Seattle Seahawks have the 16th overall pick in the draft. With Seattle being right in the middle of the first round there's a chance that their biggest need other than quarterback won't have many first-round caliber players left. One of Seattle's biggest needs is the defensive end. A true pass rusher. There's a great pass rusher in Dallas Turner from the University of Alabama. There's also Laiatu Latu from UCLA. Both most likely will be gone before Seattle picks.

What would Seattle have to give up and where exactly would they need to trade up to in order to put themselves in a position to select a defensive end that can make an immediate impact on the defense? The answer to that is not far. They could trade up to the 11th overall pick which is held by Minnesota who has a plethora of needs. Seattle would most likely have to give up either their first-round pick next year and later-round picks or just swap picks and add some later-round picks as well since Minnesota is giving up a prime spot in the draft.