3 teams that should trade for Justin Fields in 2024

Justin Fields might not be in Chicago in 2024...
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Justin Fields, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers?

Guys, Kenny Pickett isn't good. He's not. He's not a franchise QB, and I think the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted him because he went to Pitt. It was a feel-good story that does not look good on the field. The Steelers offense is pretty poor, and one game in the post-Matt Canada era does not change the fact that Pickett needs replaced.

Head coach Mike Tomlin is a good coach and clearly knows how to win. The Steelers are not nearly as good as their record indicates, but getting a legitimate QB in the building does change things for the better. The verdict does seem to be out on Justin Fields, but still, he's better than Kenny Pickett and even though the Steelers hung on to their OC Matt Canada for far too long, I do think the team would approach a young QB differently.

Fields would give the Steelers a high-upside player and could even look to bring in a new offensive coordinator in 2024. Mike Tomlin might not be an elite coach, but he's never had a losing season and I do think he's smart enough to learn from his mistakes with offensive personnel and approach that unit differently in 2024.