3 teams who definitely want a do-over in the 2024 NFL Draft

These teams would certainly do things differently again, right?
New York Giants Rookie Minicamp
New York Giants Rookie Minicamp / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

With NFL teams now moving in to the beginning of their offseason activities, there is no way that these three teams don't have NFL Draft regrets. While we will not truly know how any NFL Draft class will do until years have gone by, I do believe we can confidently say that a few of these clubs would not mind having a do-over in the 2024 NFL Draft.

There were some truly baffling decisions made, especially at the top of the NFL Draft. The first-round was very offensive heavy, as six quarterbacks went inside the top-12 picks. There were also a ton of tackles and wide receivers that came off the board early. The lone tight end that went in the first round was Brock Bowers.

So, would these three teams definitely want a 2024 NFL Draft do-over?

3 teams who definitely want a do-over in the 2024 NFL Draft
1. New York Giants

How can you seriously pass up on any QB during the 2024 NFL Draft and ride with Daniel Jones and Drew Lock as the top two QBs on the depth chart? What was the process from Joe Schoen? The Giants allegedly wanted to trade up a few picks for Drake Maye, who went third overall, and with them not being able to do that, they stick at pick six and took WR Malik Nabers.

So, then went from wanting a consensus top-three QB to no QB? What were they thinking? The Giants cannot be a serious football team in 2024 with Jones and Lock, and I believe them passing up on a QB was them throwing in the towel on the upcoming year. It'll be another year gone for the Giants with no franchise QB in sight. If they could do the 2024 NFL Draft again, maybe they do decide to take a QB with their sixth pick.

2. Atlanta Falcons

Perhaps the worst decision of the 2024 NFL Draft went to the Atlanta Falcons when they took Michael Penix Jr with the eighth overall pick. You just cannot justify this pick under any circumstances. The eariest that the Falcons can get out of Kirk Cousins contract would put Penix Jr in his late-20s before he got a shot at starting.

And if they were truly wanting Penix Jr this entire time, why overpay for Kirk Cousins? Is Cousins now the most expensive bridge QB in NFL history? The Falcons had an urgent need off the EDGE, and could have used their top pick on a top pass rusher, but no, GM Terry Fontenot once again wasted away a first-round pick.

It's not like this is because he took Michael Penix Jr specifically, but it's more because of his process with the QB room itself.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

Another team that had a poor QB process was the Las Vegas Raiders, who, by the time they were on the clock at pick 13, had all six first-round caliber QBs off the board. So instead of perhaps trading down or taking a tackle or pass rusher, the two other most valuable positions on an NFL roster, they decide to take Brock Bowers, the tight end from Georgia.

And this comes one year after they used a second-round pick on TE Michael Mayer from Notre Dame. Over-investing at the TE spot, of all positions, might be the absolute worst-case scenario for the Raiders, who have just struck out many times this offseason. They hired a failed, re-tread GM in Tom Telesco, and prematurely hired interim HC Antonio Pierce as the full-time coach.

It's been an offseason of failures for the Raiders, who will now ride with Gardner Minshew and Aidan O'Connell at QB unless something changes. You have to figure that if the Raiders had another shot, they'd be more aggressive in taking a QB.