3 way too early breakout candidates for the 2024 NFL Season

Who are some early breakout candidates for the 2024 NFL Season?
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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The NFL always has breakout players each and every season, and these three players are in line to do just that in the 2024 season. Year two or year three for many players is a common year to enjoy a breakout campaign. It doesn't always happen where a rookie makes an elite and immediate impact.

But the following years can really help them settle into their NFL careers. For a couple of second-year players and a battle-tested veteran, they're all set to breakout in 2024. Breakout players at the most important position, quarterback, usually comes with substantial team success. How many QBs are on the short-list of three way too early breakout candidates for 2024?

3 way too early breakout candidates for the 2024 NFL Season
1. Anthony Richardson, QB, Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Richardson hardly played in 2023 due to a shoulder injury that ultimately ended his season. But even though it was a limited sample size, Richardson put a lot of very good play on film, and no one doubts the offensive mind of head coach Shane Steichen.

Steichen worked wonders with Jalen Hurts when he was with the Eagles, and with Hurts regressing in 2023, the first year he didn't have Steichen, it makes me wonder just how good Richardson can be in year two. Richardson was a better prospect than Hurts and is really a 10x better athlete overall.

With the Colts stealing WR Adonai Mitchell in the 2024 NFL Draft, and them already having a strong offensive line, and the fact that they won nine games last year with Gardner Minshew taking most of the snaps, it's going to be hard to stop this Colts team.

Anthony Richardson is in a great spot to put his face on the map in 2024.