4 best landing spots for Derrick Henry to become a king again

If one of these four teams signed him, the king would reign supreme, once more.
Derrick Henry, NFL free agency
Derrick Henry, NFL free agency / Will Newton/GettyImages
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Tennessee Titans running back and longtime fan favorite, Derrick Henry, will be looking for a new team for the first time in his career.

After eight years with the Titans, the king will be taking his talents elsewhere.

Some question whether he can still be an effective running back at age 30, but if you ask the man himself, he'll give you an emphatic bit of reassurance.

Henry tells Bussin With the Boys that he wants to win a Super Bowl. He feels like he can still rush for another 2,000 yards.

That's a scary thought, but what if he's right? What if he just needs the right environment?

There are a few teams that make sense for Henry this offseason, but these four, specifically, could allow him to really flourish.

1. Minnesota Vikings

Over the course of the season, the Vikings passed the football over 61 percent of the time, but still managed to average over 23 carries per game. They didn't quite abandon the run over the course of the year, but the Vikings knew where their strength was, and it wasn't on the ground.

No matter if it was Alexander Mattison, Cam Akers or Ty Chandler, the Vikings couldn't quite get things going on the ground.

Now, keeping Chandler on board and then signing Henry could change things drastically. Anywhere Henry went, that team would still want to make sure they manage his overall workload if possible. He might feel like he can run for 2,000 yards still at his age, but the Vikings would want to keep him fresh. And, they have a guy in Chandler who is worthy of getting his touches.

Assuming the Vikings bring back Kirk Cousins and, of course, the presence of Justin Jefferson among T.J. Hockenson and Jordan Addison, that offense could be lethal.