4 best landing spots for Derrick Henry to become a king again

If one of these four teams signed him, the king would reign supreme, once more.
Derrick Henry, NFL free agency
Derrick Henry, NFL free agency / Will Newton/GettyImages
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4. Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens already look like a Super Bowl contender, and quite frankly, I picked them to win it all this year. If you take the Ravens, in their current state, and add in Henry to that back field? Whew, what a sight that would be.

The Ravens have become a bit more balanced on offense under Todd Monken, and Lamar Jackson has continued to progress as a passer. The guy can throw the football. For anyone who doesn't think so, at this point, you're watching with your eyes closed.

The Ravens have had a tough time keeping their backs healthy, though. J.K. Dobbins' time in Baltimore seems to be done. Gus Edwards has been a locker room favorite for a little while, now, but has also had some bruises here and there. Justice Hill has endured injuries. Even rookie Keaton Mitchell went down with a significant injury.

Then, there's Henry, who has been mostly healthy outside of missing half the season in 2021. Otherwise, the guy has been an ox. If you put him behind Jackson and mix in the other talented guys in that back field, here and there, this offense might just be unstoppable.

One thing I failed to mention in this conversation, too, is the fact that Baltimore still finished the season as the league's top rushing team. It hasn't mattered who they use on the ground. They're going to succeed, period.

Henry in Baltimore ... boy, what a thought.