4 early Kirk Cousins destinations for 2024 free agency

What are Kirk Cousins' best options in 2024 NFL free agency?
Kirk Cousins
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2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What old people don't like retiring in Florida, am I right?

Kirk Cousins was a free agent back in 2018, and one of the big rumors at the time was that he was going to become the starting QB of the Jacksonville Jaguars because some of his family is in that area (his dad a pastor). The Jaguars chose Blake Bortles over pursuing Cousins, so you win some and you lose some, I guess.

Now, six years later, Cousins might have the chance to return to the idea of moving to Florida where his likely massive contract will then be income tax free. This is a major reason why so many big-name free agents flock to the Florida teams. Although Cousins has made a boatload of money in his career, you certainly can't argue with the idea of potentiall signing a fully guaranteed 2-3 year contract worth upwards of $100 million with no state income tax there in Florida.

And the Buccaneers are a unique team to look at right now. They obviously have some good skill players but no one knows how much longer they're going to have them all. The thinking right now is that the Bucs could make wholesale changes in the offseason, but this is a team that could hire a veteran head coach and sign a veteran QB like Kirk Cousins and probably easily win the NFC South in 2024.