4 early Kirk Cousins destinations for 2024 free agency

What are Kirk Cousins' best options in 2024 NFL free agency?
Kirk Cousins
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3. Las Vegas Raiders

Kirk Cousins would seem like a complete fish out of water in the city of Las Vegas, but football-wise, this is a really interesting pairing.

The Raiders have arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL in Davante Adams. They have one of the league's best running backs in Josh Jacobs. They have so many pieces on this roster but someone like Kirk Cousins could likely come in and elevate the entire program.

Just like the Buccaneers, the Raiders are a team that could be looking to make wholesale changes this offseason and we know they are already going to have a change at head coach with Josh McDaniels getting fired in-season. Kirk Cousins coming to the Raiders in 2024 would be sort of like a re-do of the team wanting to sign Tom Brady in 2023.

Not that Cousins is Tom Brady, of course, but you get what I'm saying. Bring in a veteran to really raise all boats in the harbor, give you a potent passing attack, and be a critical voice in the locker room. I think the Raiders would be another intriguing option for Cousins because, once again, there's no income tax in Vegas. They could offer him a massive, tax-free deal.