4 NFL playoff teams that could win 1st Super Bowl in franchise history

Which teams could win their first Super Bowl in 2024?
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2. Detroit Lions

I am extremely high on the Detroit Lions. I've been saying it for a couple of years now on this website, in case you've been reading for that long, but I have always been buying what Dan Campbell is selling. I didn't love the Matthew Stafford trade for the Lions because I felt like they got absolutely fleeced by the Rams, but it appears as though Lions GM Brad Holmes knew what he was doing.

Remember, at the time, Holmes came to Detroit from the Rams' organization. The Stafford trade felt very prematurely planned and Holmes's willingness to take on Jared Goff in the trade was something that many people -- myself included -- felt was a completely unnecessary way to hold that franchise back.

Well, I think Holmes and Jared Goff have proven any doubters wrong. The Lions have become a legitimate contender in the NFC with playmakers all over the place offensively, and as the third overall seed in the NFC, they are going to be a tough out for anyone.

This team is battle-tested. They are tough. They can win low-scoring games. They can win shootouts.

I personally feel like the Lions have a real shot at winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history this year. Not to get anyone's hopes too high, but this is a special team that has shown tremendous growth year over year under head coach Dan Campbell.