4 NFL teams that will make the playoffs in 2024 after missing in 2023

These teams are going to be back in the NFL playoffs in 2024.
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2. Indianapolis Colts

Sticking in the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts feel like another team that could vault into the postseason this coming year.

Shane Steichen did a really good job picking up the pieces left behind by the Frank Reich regime, and not only picking up the pieces, but really maximizing the talent all over the roster. And it looks like the Colts have hit on the most important position in the entire game -- the quarterback.

The selection of Anthony Richardson was understandably met with mixed reviews. People were uncertain how quickly he'd be able to acclimate to the NFL after completing under 54 percent of his passes in his final season at Florida. It felt like the Colts were taking a massive risk with that pick, but Richardson proved to be up to the task.

He missed most of last season, but the Colts were able to win with a strong running game and Gardner Minshew holding down the fort, managing games at the QB position.

The Colts have a strong defense, they have speed and athleticism all over the roster (Chris Ballard prioritizes RAS in the NFL Draft like no other GM in the league), and the Colts appear ready to make some noise. The Houston Texans are everyone's favorite underdog team right now but it might not be long before the masses are singing the praises of this talented Colts squad.