4 NFL teams that will miss the playoffs in 2024 after making it in 2023

Which NFL teams are getting left out of the playoffs in 2024?
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3. Cleveland Browns

You hate to even say this because the Browns won 11 games last year, but there is one clear reason why I don't think this team is making the playoffs again in 2024.

His name is Deshaun Watson.

The Browns have a great roster on paper, there's no question about it. They have one of the best defenses in the league, a defense that will keep them in just about every game. But the Browns also play in arguably the best overall division in the NFL, and their quarterback hasn't been consistently available for three straight years.

Since 2020, Deshaun Watson has appeared in a mere 12 total games. It's just not enough time on task to project this team to have another 10-win season (or better). The AFC is always going to be wildly competitive. The Bengals are getting Joe Burrow back. Teams all over the conference got a lot better in 2024.

It's just not going to be easy for the Browns to repeat the success we saw in 2023.