5 best remaining free agency fits ahead of the 2024 NFL Season

Ryan Tannehill and Justin Simmons lead the way at the top of the pack of free agents available in weeks leading up to the start of training camps. We give you the five best remaining free agents and the teams that would benefit the most from their services.
Ryan Tannehill, pictured above as a member of the Tennessee Titans, would be a good, proven back up for any team looking for a veteran presencce.
Ryan Tannehill, pictured above as a member of the Tennessee Titans, would be a good, proven back up for any team looking for a veteran presencce. / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Calais Campbell makes a lot of sense for Dallas who lost most of their starting defensive line to the Washington Commanders

Dallas' defensive line was raided during free agency by the Commanders and the 'Boys have to rebuild. Their biggest loss along the front was Johnathan Hankins who signed a one-year deal with new coach Mike MacDonald and the Seattle Seahawks.

Bringing in an aging pass rusher like Calais Campbell makes a lot of sense as he brings power and smarts to the table, along with flexibility. Campbell can be an edge pass rusher, or put his hand in the dirt and play defensive tackle.

Campbell is better against the run than he is rushing the passer, but he did amass 6.5 sacks last season for Atlanta. Look for Campbell to earn about 25 snaps per game across the defensive line. He is not in line for a starting position or a salary in excess of the veteran minimum, but he can help mold Dallas' rebuilt defensive line.

It would make a lot of sense for Mike Zimmer to take an extra long look at Calais Campbell and bring him into camp and let him earn playing time in the pre-season to see what he can contribute during the regular season.

Hunter Renfrow should play for the Philadelphia Eagles

Hunter Renfrow would be a good slot receiver for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles with the unexpected retirement of DeVante Parker. Parris Campbell is not the answer for Philadelphia and needs to be returned to the bench and come in on certain down-and-distance situations.

Renfrow is surprisingly still on the market after he was let go by the Raiders. Renfrow played in all 17 games last season, after undergoing injuries in 2022, and would work well in Kellen Moore's offense in Philadelphia.

Slot receivers are hard to come by in the NFL and Renfrow can be successful in man or zone coverages. No one will mistake his speed, or lack thereof, for A.J. Brown, or DeVonta Smith, but he does not need to be that flashy to make a significant contribution. What Renfrow lacks in speed he makes up with his hands and his ability to get open in traffic.

In 2021 Renfrow was the Raiders leading receiver with 103 receptions for 1,038 yards. He was injured for most of 2022 and came back very well last season and is completely healthy now and would be a perfect fit for Philadelphia.