5 early quarterback options for Las Vegas Raiders in 2024

Who could be the QB of the Las Vegas Raiders in 2024?
Las Vegas Raiders
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2. Kyler Murray, Cardinals (trade)

One of the most interesting options that could be available after this year to just about any QB-needy team is going to be former first overall pick Kyler Murray. Murray, the 2018-19 Heisman winner, was the Cardinals' top pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, and somewhat of a shocker. The Cardinals had just selected Josh Rosen the year before in the first round, but obviously figured out that he was not QB of the future material quickly.

Murray has already earned a massive second contract, which complicates matters a bit, but the Cardinals have multiple first-round picks already in 2024 including -- as of today -- the 1st overall selection again. If the Cardinals end the year with the first overall pick, it's hard to imagine that selection being anyone other than a quarterback.

Although some analysts have poured cold water on him lately, Caleb Williams has been the presumptive number one overall pick for some time, with North Carolina's Drake Maye hot on his heels. There does exist a possibility in which the Cardinals would be inclined to stick with Murray and take someone like Olu Fashanu out of Penn State or even Marvin Harrison Jr. out of Ohio State, but the more likely scenario seems to be that they would trade Murray to the highest bidder and take the young QB.

If Murray does become available, the Raiders would obviously have to pay up, but he's a young player at the position who has established himself as a top-tier player when healthy.