5 early quarterback options for Las Vegas Raiders in 2024

Who could be the QB of the Las Vegas Raiders in 2024?
Las Vegas Raiders
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5. Free agent bridge, total teardown

We see a lot of teams obviously going this direction in recent years. The Buccaneers are doing it this year with Baker Mayfield. Heck, even the Raiders are doing it with Jimmy Garoppolo and their current situation.

Ultimately, the new GM and head coach will have to decide if a total teardown of the roster is necessary. The Raiders could still get great value for Davante Adams, but wouldn't you want to have him around if you're developing a new QB? I think the only situation in which we would see the Raiders sell off Davante Adams for picks is this one, where you bring in a free agent bridge and commit to a multi-year process of discovering who your next quarterback will be.

I don't know if the Raiders are going to be able to pull off a blockbuster trade for someone like Kyler Murray. I don't know if, out of all teams, they could lure Kirk Cousins in free agency, assuming the Vikings somehow let him get to the market.

It just seems like guys like Jameis Winston, Sam Darnold, Drew Lock, or other reclamation project types of quarterbacks paired with an NFL Draft dart or even Aidan O'Connell again will be the direction this team ultimately has to end up going.


That may not be the ideal scenario, but making a big trade involving Davante Adams, loading up on picks, and taking a similar approach to what we've seen from a team like Houston (being in on as many budget-friendly free agents as possible, take a bunch of shots in the NFL Draft) could be a wise course of action for the Raiders, even if it's not a "win now" mentality.

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