5 former Patriots that could follow Bill Belichick in 2024

Which former Patriots could follow Bill Belichick in 2024?
Bill Belichick
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2. Jimmy Garoppolo, quarterback

We saw Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders bring in Jimmy Garoppolo on a pretty substantial contract in the 2023 offseason. With the Raiders likely to send Garoppolo packing this offseason, I think a logical landing spot is wherever Bill Belichick winds up, especially if McDaniels is the offensive coordinator.

The Patriots once believed that Garoppolo could be the heir apparent to Tom Brady, but they never saw that plan to fruition because of the fact that Brady played much longer than anyone could have possibly anticipated. Because of that, they traded Garoppolo to the 49ers, where he had a lot of success.

As rough as the 2023 season was for Garoppolo, he's undoubtedly going to be a coveted option for teams as a bridge option yet again in 2024. A reunion with Belichick makes a lot of sense.

3. Mac Jones, quarterback

This one I could see going either way. You might see this one as extremely unlikely due to the fact that Jones was just benched this past season by Belichick, but if Josh McDaniels comes with him, perhaps Mac Jones could be a fit again.

Like I said before, the last time McDaniels and Belichick were together, Mac Jones made the Pro Bowl in his rookie season. Perhaps the Falcons (or whoever) could trade for Jones and get him for a discounted price to reunite not only with Belichick but McDaniels potentially as well.