5 Kansas City Chiefs likely playing their final games with the team in the playoffs

Could this be the end of the road for these Chiefs?
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chris Jones

It's going to be really hard to say good-bye to Chris Jones but the sad truth is that he's turning 30 in July and demanding $30 million. As good as Jones has been during his Chiefs career, it's risky to pay a 30-year-old that much money. It'd also prevent the Chiefs from trying to keep their young talent around (L'Jarius Sneed, for example).

Jones has been a wrecking ball since joining the Chiefs in 2016. He was a second-round pick and has been an outright monster on the gridiron over the past two years. Jones tallied double-digit sacks in each of the past two seasons and some team will likely be happy to pay him the $30 million he's asking for, but it won't be the Chiefs.

This is the hard part of being a team with an expensive franchise quarterback is that it means you have to part ways with other important pieces on the team. Hopefully, Jones signs with an NFC team so Kansas City doesn't have to face him as often.

Mike Danna

Mike Danna was a strange pick at the time of the 2020 NFL Draft but he's made a nice name for himself in Kansas City. The former fifth-round pick has a career-high 6.5 sacks this season and had a breakout season at the perfect time, as he's hitting free agency in March.

Danna is a great player, there's no doubt about that, but the Chiefs might simply have bigger players to worry about retaining this spring. It might not be worth the Chiefs' time to try and convince a rotational player to stay when they could turn their attention to keeping Sneed (and maybe even Jones).

It'd obviously be great to have Danna back but it wouldn't be a shock if he signs a contract with another team.