5 most disappointing NFL teams in the 2023 season

These NFL teams let us down in 2023
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5. New York Jets

I don't think it's any secret that the New York Jets were one of the league's biggest disappointments in the 2023 season. And I'm sure fans of the Jets will take issue with this because the injury to Aaron Rodgers really dictated the direction of this team, which ultimately still won seven games.

But the Jets' incompetence offensively could have been addressed during the season and this team still could have found a way to make the playoffs.

The Jets didn't have any better contingency than Zach Wilson, and even that process is understandable...to a degree. As bad as Wilson was in 2022, you would have thought that the Jets would have brought in another quarterback as a fail-safe to at least be a strong voice in that room, but that wasn't the case.

After the Aaron Rodgers injury, it was the Zach Wilson show for most of the year. The results?

  • The Jets turned the ball over 33 times (3rd-worst in the NFL)
  • 31st in the league in total yards
  • 32nd in the league in 1st downs
  • 31st in the league in time of possession
  • 32nd in third-down offense
  • 32nd in red zone offense


Again, how was there no better contingency than this? The Jets were so good defensively that the team still managed to win six games, but missing the playoffs after all that transpired last offseason for New York is a massive disappointment, regardless of Aaron Rodgers's injury.

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