5 NFL head coaching candidates connected to the vacant jobs

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It's that time of year again in the NFL - the coaching carousel is in full swing, spinning with eight vacancies needing to be filled. However, amidst this whirl of activity, the Carolina Panthers stand out as the one team without a clear frontrunner. While Dan Quinn's name has been bandied about for other roles, his link to the Panthers remains tenuous at best.

This relative silence could be telling, given the team's recent history of short-lived coaching tenures. Meanwhile, seven other NFL teams are abuzz with potential hires. From the innovative minds of the Detroit Lions' Ben Johnson to the defensive prowess of the Los Angeles Rams' Raheem Morris, there's no shortage of talent in the mix.

But for the Panthers, the search continues with a careful eye, possibly wary of repeating past mistakes. Dan Quinn, despite his mixed tenure with the Atlanta Falcons and a Super Bowl appearance, remains in the race, albeit quietly. It’s a crucial time for these franchises, with each decision set to shape their future.

Tennessee Titans: Bobby Slowik

Was it shocking to see the Tennessee Titans part ways with Mike Vrabel, given the success he's had over the years with the franchise? Maybe, but fans were not surprised given the team's lack of success over the last two seasons. On top of that, with Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry getting older, the Titans opted to blow up the franchise. Henry has openly stated that he feels his soon-to-be former team is looking to move in a different direction, and he's out.

Enter Houston Texans' offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik, who has been nothing short of sensational in the work he and DeMeco Ryans have done as a duo. The 36-year-old has shown in his first season as a play-caller in the NFL that he is one of the best quarterback developers.
The guy took rookie QB C.J. Stroud, a greenhorn straight out of college — well, a Buckeye, technically — and turned him into a gridiron wizard, slinging over 4,000 yards with 23 touchdowns. Oh yeah, he only threw five picks. That's some serious QB whispering.

If hired, Slowik will be following in the footsteps of another Kyle Shanahan disciple, Mike McDaniel, who was the run game coordinator. Before joining Ryans with the Texans, Slowik was the offensive passing game coordinator for Shanahan when Brock Purdy was lighting up the league. He also worked alongside current Titans GM, Ran Carthon.

As for the QB situation. Will Levis is the quarterback of the team for now and has shown his toughness and leadership. Callahan, the offensive-minded head coach, can get the best out of Levis. In his nine starts, Levis tossed eight touchdowns to four interceptions and showed the grit to put the team on his back. He has a big arm and athleticism that needs honing; Slowik could be that guy. Or, they could trade for another Buckeye, Justin Fields.