5 NFL head coaching candidates connected to the vacant jobs

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Los Angeles Chargers: Jim Harbaugh

There are questions as to whether Jim Harbaugh is leveraging the NFL against Michigan. After beating Nick Saban, Harbaugh went on to win Michigan's first National Championship since Lloyd Carr did it in 1997. He restored the Wolverines to greatness despite some controversy, proving that he is arguably the greatest coach in college football. Harbaugh could be looking to get $12-15 million annually, and what better way to get more money than leveraging the NFL?

Assuming this isn't a negotiating tactic and Harbaugh wants to make an NFL comeback, the Chargers is one of the better jobs. Justin Herbert, despite all the vitriol he receives from NFL media and some fans, is a fantastic quarterback. He's young enough to build around with the arm talent and athleticism Harbaugh likes from his quarterbacks.

They have some guys in place at the wide receiver position with Mike Williams, Keenan Allen, and Quentin Johnston, who showed flashes in year one. Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelley make up the backfield. It's a veteran team that can get better with an injection of youth. Harbaugh will be in one of the toughest divisions in football, but he's fresh out of college knowing all the prospects one way or the other, so he'll have a two-year advantage.