5 NFL teams that don't deserve to make the playoffs this year

Which NFL teams don't deserve the playoffs in 2024?
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4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Can someone else come and win the AFC South, please?

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the NFL's best teams throughout the first half of the season. They had an 8-3 record and looked to be building off of a fantastic finish to the 2022 season in which they won a playoff game and gave the Chiefs all they could handle on the road in the second round.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars have stunk since the end of November. As a matter of fact, they've only got one win since Thanksgiving weekend, which was a win last weekend against the hapless Carolina Panthers. The Jacksonville Jaguars are being outplayed by nearly every other AFC South team at this point, and are not a threat in this year's playoff race.

5. Seattle Seahawks

There are effectively two Wild Card spots available right now in the NFC. The second-place team in the NFC East will occupy one of those spots, with a number of teams right now fighting it out for the third. The Seattle Seahawks, perhaps even more so than the New Orleans Saints, are a team we don't want to see in the postseason.

The two teams that would currently be in the playoffs as Wild Card teams are the Los Angeles Rams (guaranteed a spot) and Green Bay Packers. And the Packers are the team the general NFL fan base population should be rooting for this weekend.

The Seattle Seahawks have not been a playoff team for most of the second half of 2023. They started the year off a strong 5-2, and have lost six of their last nine. Two of Seattle's three wins since that 5-2 start came against Washington and Tennessee.


Pete Carroll is always going to have his guys in the thick of it at the end of the year, but I'd much rather see Green Bay in the playoffs with their young, exciting, explosive roster.

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