5 NFL teams that will definitely make the playoffs next season

If you're a fan of these five NFL teams, don't lose hope.
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If your favorite NFL team didn't make the playoffs this season, don't worry -- there's always next year. For some NFL teams, the wait to get back to the NFL postseason has been absolutely brutal. The New York Jets haven't been there in about a hundred years. The Denver Broncos haven't been back since they won Super Bowl 50.

There are a lot of other teams that just missed out this season because certain key players were injured, or the team suffered too many injuries as a whole.

Which teams can you bank on being back in the NFL postseason in the 2024-25 season? Which teams could go from worst to first? Let's take a look at five NFL teams that will be in the postseason next year.

1. New York Jets

If the New York Jets don't regress defensively to the point that they are unrecognizable, I think this is a team you can pretty well take to the bank as making the playoffs in 2024-25. Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be back, but whether or not the aging Rodgers can make his way back from a major injury is almost irrelevant.

I think the Jets will find a way to get the type of quarterback play that could at least keep them afloat. for more of the year. The Jets won seven games this season with one of the worst offenses you will ever see. That in itself is kind of crazy. Let's say they get even 12 games out of Aaron Rodgers next year, you don't think this team is going to be able to win at least nine games?

I think the Jets are one of the easiest projections to get to the postseason in 2024-25.