5 NFL teams that will definitely make the playoffs next season

If you're a fan of these five NFL teams, don't lose hope.
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2. Denver Broncos

Talk about the controversy all you want. The Denver Broncos and head coach Sean Payton are going to be back in the playoffs next year.

Who's going to be their quarterback? I have no idea, but probably not Russell Wilson. Even if it is Russell Wilson, this Denver Broncos team proved it can be a playoff contender throughout most of the 2023 season. The Broncos had a historically bad defense through the first month (or five games) of the season, and that crippled their chances in the end.

If the defense in Denver isn't historically bad again at any point in the 2024 season, they should be able to find a way in.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

I think it's obvious to project the Cincinnati Bengals to get back to the postseason after losing Joe Burrow this past year and still finding a way to be in the mix all the way to the bitter end.

Joe Burrow is obviously one of those players where you just expect him to lead his team to 10 wins a year at a minimum. I know the Bengals have a lack of clarity right now with Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd's contract situations going forward, but I think Cincinnati is still going to be good enough to compete for a postseason spot in 2024-25.

These guys will be back.