5 NFL teams that will definitely make the playoffs next season

If you're a fan of these five NFL teams, don't lose hope.
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4. Arizona Cardinals

Alright, now we're getting a bit into the weeds on these predictions, but I really liked what I saw from the Cardinals in 2023.

Sure, they only won four games, but this Cardinals team was competitive all throughout the year. As bad as their roster looked on paper going into the season, the Cardinals never really "looked" bad throughout the season. Player development was there, they won a number of games against good teams (including against Dallas and Philadelphia), and Jonathan Gannon can clearly coach.

I think with the assets available to them this offseason, the Cardinals are one of the easiest "worst to. first" candidates in the entire NFL.

5. New Orleans Saints

I don't think it would be hard to project the New Orleans Saints as the favorites for the NFC South for next season, even depending on what happens with the Bucs in this year's postseason. That is, of course, assuming the Bucs don't win the Super Bowl again.

The Saints had one of the best defenses in the league this past season. The offense had its struggles, but I think Derek Carr is figuring it out with the receiver group he has, and you obviously hope that Alvin Kamara has more consistent availability to keep balance on the offense throughout the year.

I think the Saints will do a good job of continuing to build around Carr offensively, and this team should win 10 or more games in 2024.