5 perfect landing spots for Mike Vrabel to wait for in 2025

Where could Vrabel end up in 2025?

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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When the Tennessee Titans fired head coach Mike Vrabel after six years, most people felt it was a dumb move because Vrabel would find a new job right away. Well, the vacant head coaching positions have been filled and Vrabel wasn't hired for any of the vacancies.

Now that Vrabel won't be a head coach in the NFL in 2024, naturally, we'll shift our attention to 2025 and where he could end up then. Here are five spots that would be perfect for Vrabel.

Buffalo Bills

It was a little surprising that the Bills didn't fire Sean McDermott after another disappointing exit from the playoffs. The Bills went on a winning streak at the end of the regular season to propel them to the top of the AFC East and a Wild Card victory. Unfortunately, their luck ran out in the divisional round when Kansas City got the best of them again.

We keep saying that "If the Bills disappoint in the playoffs this year, McDermott has to be gone, right?" and he keeps sticking around. Next year, though, that statement has to actually come true, don't you think? The Bills have one of the best quarterbacks in football in Josh Allen and they're wasting his prime.

Vrabel knows how to win games. What plagued him in Tennessee down the stretch was not having a good enough quarterback to win. He'd have that in Buffalo.