5 perfect landing spots for Mike Vrabel to wait for in 2025

Where could Vrabel end up in 2025?
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Chicago Bears

Bears fans weren't thrilled that Matt Eberflus wasn't canned after the 2023 season but the front office clearly saw something they liked there. The Bears finished with 7-10 record, an improvement from their abysmal 3-14 campaign in Eberflus' first year in 2022.

Overall, Eberflus has only won 10 games in two seasons at the helm in the Windy City. If the Bears get off to a rough start in 2024, it wouldn't be crazy to see him let go early in the season. If he is relieved of his coaching duties, Vrabel could make sense in Chicago.

For one, the Bears could have Caleb Williams running the offense so Vrabel wouldn't have to worry about finding a quarterback. Defensively, Vrabel could hopefully whip the Bears into shape much like he did in Tennessee and that would make things easier on Williams.

The worry here could be that if Williams doesn't pan out, Vrabel would go down with him and that could be a valid reason not to take the job in Chicago.