5 perfect landing spots for Mike Vrabel to wait for in 2025

Where could Vrabel end up in 2025?
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
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Kansas City Chiefs

The Andy Reid retirement rumors have been rampant in recent weeks and even though the consensus appears to be that Reid won't be stepping away this offseason, what if he decides to after the 2024 season?

Vrabel to the Chiefs isn't a new rumor, as Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright discussed the possibility a few weeks ago.

Vrabel did spend time in Kansas City as a player, having played there in 2009 and 2010. He'd also be getting Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback and, assuming Steve Spagnuolo is still around, a top-10 defense.

Vrabel took the Titans to the AFC Championship Game when they had Ryan Tannehill at the helm and led them to the number one seed in the AFC one year later. He knows how to win when all of the pieces fit properly and he'd have that situation in Kansas City.

The only question here is if Reid actually steps away or not. If he does, Vrabel could make a lot of sense in Kansas City.