5 perfect landing spots for Mike Vrabel to wait for in 2025

Where could Vrabel end up in 2025?
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Philadelphia Eagles

It was shocking to hear reports that the Eagles might part ways with Nick Sirianni despite him leading the team to the Super Bowl just one year ago but that's how much of a disappointment the Eagles were this season. While Philly made it to the playoffs, they got blasted out of the wild card round by the underwhelming Bucs and that's when the seat grew red-hot for Sirianni.

Ultimately, the Eagles front office opted to keep Sirianni but one would have to think the leash is very short in 2024. It's strange that this could be the case considering they only lost the Super Bowl by three points one year ago but Philadelphia kicked Doug Pederson to the curb three years after he and the Eagles won their first Super Bowl title. If any franchise were going to pull that act again, it's the Eagles.

If they were to move on from Sirianni, Vrabel could be an option. He's good at creating a winning culture wherever he goes and could get the Eagles back to what they were during the 2022 season. This, of course, depends on what the Eagles do with Sirianni, who had early success in Philly and then a down year. Would another down year be enough to move on from him?