5 potential salary cap casualties entering 2024 NFL Season

The NFL is a business first and entertainment second, but there are a few players who I could see being salary cap casualties heading into the 2025 season.
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Patrick Peterson - Cornerback, Pittsburgh Steelers

Peterson was beloved in Arizona where he was one of the best corners in the game for nearly a decade. As the 2020's came along, the Cardinals parted ways with him and he hasn't been the same since. The 34 year old corner shifted to safety where he played better, but his contact is still about $10 million this season.

The reality of the situation is at 34 years old Peterson is not going to perform under this deal. The Steelers could elect to cut him and they would save about $7 million. This could help them find a quarterback in free agency or possibly trade for one before the draft.

C.J Mosley - Linebacker New York Jets

Mosley is a 32 year old linebacker who plays off-ball. At a $22 million cap hit, it's hard to justify paying an older linebacker this kind of money when he doesn't rush the passer or go in pass defense very often. Mosley is an excellent tackler and does his job well, but if the Jets choose to part ways with him, they could save $17 million leaving the door open for more offensive weapons for Arron Rodgers.

Mosley has been a stable on the Jets defense for a few years now, but being as old as he is, it's unlikely the Jets will elect to pay him $22 million this season.

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