5 teams who aced Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft

Florida State v Florida
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4. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals kicked off Day 2 of the draft by adding a game-changer to their secondary, snagging Rutgers’ Max Melton. Known for his explosive athleticism and knack for shutting down receivers, Melton brings immediate upgrades with his versatility to play both inside and outside. His ability to read and jump routes thanks to his keen eye for the game transforms him into a sticky cover corner that any team would covet. While there are kinks to iron out in his run defense and lateral movements, Melton's standout performance at the combine, highlighted by his 4.39-second 40-yard dash, has Cards fans excited about their revamped secondary.

After taking Marvin Harrison Jr in round one, the Cards opted for offense again. Trey Benson, the speedy new addition from FSU, is set to electrify the Arizona Cardinals’ backfield alongside the thunderous James Conner. With his agility and knack for slipping through tight spaces, Benson offers a lightning-fast complement to Conner's powerful style. This duo promises dynamic versatility and explosive plays for the Cardinals. Isaiah Adams will likely be the guard for this duo given they selected him in the second round, giving them two lineman in the first 75 picks. They also added 6 '5 271-pound tight end, Tip Reiman, an ideal fit for a team looking to run 12-personnel, which seems the direction the Cards are going. Elijah Jones was the final pick, a long press corner who excels in zone.