5 teams who aced Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft

Florida State v Florida
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1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have a knack for getting lucky, and Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft was no exception. They snagged Cooper DeJean, a versatile 6’0”, 203-pound corner who seems tailor-made for Vic Fangio’s dynamic defense. Known for his excellent press zone coverage, DeJean's ability to adapt and excel both in space and on the boundary makes him a potential key player. His versatility will allow Fangio to use him in multiple roles—nickel, boundary, and even safety. This strategic pick could pay off big for an Eagles team that continues to win the draft every year.

Following up with a great pick the Eagles added a dynamic element to their defense in the third round, selecting a long edge rusher who was a former safety. With a frame that can still pack on muscle, this player excels in shooting upfield with impressive acceleration around the edge. His ability to bend and dip, coupled with a big-time closing burst, enables him to consistently pressure quarterbacks and disrupt plays, enhancing the Eagles' defensive agility and impact.