6 NFL teams that aced the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft

Which teams nailed it on Thursday night?
2024 NFL Draft
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2. New England Patriots

So many people speculated whether the new era would begin with a massive trade from a team that wanted one of the top three picks for a quarterback. Jerod Mayo and GM Eliot Wolf opted to stand pat (pun intended) and selected a quarterback with their first pick. Drake Maye will join a great quarterback room with Jacoby Brissett as a veteran who’s been both a starter and backup. He could take the beating in year one while the Pats build an offense around Maye for the future. Right now, the best thing about the Pats is their defense, which bodes well if, for whatever reason, he’s forced into the starting lineup.

Maye as a prospect is a powerful runner who can make plays with his legs inside and outside of the pocket. He got lost in the shuffle during the draft process with the hype around JJ McCarthy. But Maye has always deserved to be one of the top three quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. He’ll have time to develop into a quality starter before becoming a superstar.

1. Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams was widely considered one of the best quarterback prospects since Trevor Lawrence, and perhaps even more talented in terms of arm strength. The Chicago Bears entered the draft with a straightforward plan and avoided any surprises by selecting him with the No. 1 overall pick. To make room for Williams, Justin Fields was traded away. Despite rumors of Williams not wanting to play for Chicago and demanding a trade, the Bears secured their quarterback of the future. They further bolstered their offense by selecting Washington’s Rome Odunze with the No. 9 pick, adding him to an already impressive lineup featuring Keenan Allen, DJ Moore, and tight end Cole Kmet.

Odunze may not have exceptional speed, but his playmaking ability is undeniable. He excels at creating separation and positioning himself to make early catches. Known for his prowess in aerial duels, Odunze displays remarkable body control and acrobatic catching skills. He consistently outmuscles defenders and dominates in the air, making him a formidable opponent. His strong, reliable hands allow him to secure passes well beyond his frame, enhancing his effectiveness and reliability as a receiver. Odunze's physical attributes and skill set clearly establish him as WR1 and someone Williams can grow with.