7 Steelers who won't (or shouldn't) be back in 2024

Who do the Steelers need to move on from in 2024?

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2. Mitchell Trubisky, QB

The Steelers, just like a number of NFL teams out there, really need to figure out how they can upgrade their quarterback situation overall. I don't blame Pittsburgh for bringing in Mitchell Trubisky and thinking he could thrive in their program. Trubisky is a former second overall draft selection. He came into the NFL with big-time traits.

You hold out hope that guys like this can figure it out as their career develops, but Trubisky hasn't been able to. Mason Rudolph was a substantial upgrade over Trubisky, who has struggled with the same issues all throughout the course of his career. It's time for the Steelers to cut bait. Trubisky has a cap hit over $7.5 million in 2024 and Pittsburgh should definitely not be paying him.

3. Mason Cole, C

The Steelers can absolutely upgrade at the center position going forward. We've seen them make substantial investments in recent years on the offensive line in both free agency and the NFL Draft, and I think Mason Cole has become the weak link of this group.

The Steelers could save nearly $5 million by cutting him this offseason and that's probably the best course of action. That $5 million in savings could go toward another veteran at the position as the free agent center market has been rather team-friendly in recent years.