7 Steelers who won't (or shouldn't) be back in 2024

Who do the Steelers need to move on from in 2024?
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6. Markus Golden, EDGE

Markus Golden is not a bad player by any means, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are too tempted to put him on the field over young players who need snaps. Golden has been a tremendous teammate and an underrated player at every one of his NFL stops. He didn't even play 300 total defensive snaps for the Steelers this past year but still managed to rack up 4.0 sacks, 10 QB hits, and nine pressures.

He was especially effective late in the season.

But do the Steelers want to be playing Golden over a promising young player like Nick Herbig? As much as you want to have players like Markus Golden in your locker room (and playing for you), the Steelers probably need to let someone else have a shot at him in 2024.

7. Miles Boykin, WR

Anytime you say goodbye to a former top-100 pick, it's not easy. The Steelers added Miles Boykin in the 2019 NFL Draft, and he had seven touchdowns in his first two seasons despite catching only 32 passes in total.

It looked like he had a promising future if given a more expanded role, but that has never come to fruition. Boykin is 27 this offseason and has just six receptions over the last three years. If he still has talent and upside to offer to some team, he needs to go somewhere else where it's going to actually be utilized.