AFC South: One move each team can make to improve their roster in 2024

The AFC South was a surprisingly competitive division this year with the Texans making the playoffs and the Colts and Jaguars nearly missing it while the Titans are rebuilding after a disappointing season.
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis Colts: Re-sign Wide Receiver Michael Pittman Jr.

I'll admit I've been a Colts fan since I was about 8 years old, and Peyton Manning came to town. The legacy Manning and Dungy left behind was always going to be hard to obtain. This year, the Colts had a rough go with Jonathan Taylor holding out and the injury to Anthony Richardson.

The Colts offense struggled throughout the season leading to losing multiple games by less than 10 points and even losing games where they had the lead in the 4th quarter. Backup QB Gardner Minshew played well and is probably the best backup in the league. However, the star of the show was wide receiver Michael Pittman.

Pittman has had a crazy career so far. He's played with and practiced with more quarterbacks than many receivers play within their career and had more OCs and head coaches than other successful receivers. But, he's still productive through it all. His comments regarding testing the Free Agent market make me think the Colts and Pittman are far apart in either guaranteed money or length of time under contract.

Whatever the case, the Colts must retain him. With a weak receiver room even with him under contract, their options are limited as Chris Ballard isn't one to spend big money in free agency so Mike Evans won't be coming to town and Alec Pierce isn't a clear #1 receiver either. Josh Downs had a great season, but he's also not a #1 and the tight ends aren't going to be top receivers either.

Pay Michael Pittman, and pay him well.