Agree or Disagree: ESPN makes their predictions on head coach openings

The World Wide Leader has some takes.
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Atlanta Falcons -- Patriots HC Bill Belichick

What they said: "Bill Belichick. I think he is the clear favorite here unless another job opens that has a quarterback already in place and offers him a chance to win those 15 games he needs to pass Don Shula atop the all-time list in short order ... "

What we think: It's a good idea. Honestly, any time signing Bill Belichick is a good idea. This is the easiest A the Falcons will ever earn. The Falcons aren't that far away, especially if you subscribe to the notion that franchise QBs aren't that hard to find. From all the reporting out there, it sounds like the Falcons are prepared to let Belichick fully run the show, and he even interviewed for a second time on Thursday, meeting owner Arthur Blank for a one-on-one. Sounds like they're just waiting for the ink to dry.