Agree or Disagree: ESPN makes their predictions on head coach openings

The World Wide Leader has some takes.
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Los Angeles Chargers -- Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh

What they said: "Harbaugh. There is a ton of smoke around this situation. Harbaugh is known to be a fan of Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, and the Chargers are a team desperate for both attention and wins as they work to establish a foothold in Los Angeles."

What we think: It's a good, albeit chaotic and potentially-disastrous idea. Oh really, a ton of smoke around Jim Harbaugh's coaching decisions?! That's new to this year and definitely not getting tiresome. But unfortunately it is a good idea, because all Harbaugh does is win and I don't think there's a team in the NFL that desperately needs to win than the Chargers. He doesn't have to develop a QB from scratch, either -- he can just piggyback on Justin Herbert's success and fine-tune the team from there. It would be (sorry) electric, and Los Angeles -- not to mention the NFL -- is all about buzz (sorry again). Harbaugh, Andy Reid, Antonio Pierce, and Sean Payton all in the same division would be must-watch television.