Agree or Disagree: ESPN makes their predictions on head coach openings

The World Wide Leader has some takes.
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Seattle Seahawks -- Titans HC Mike Vrabel

What they said: "Vrabel. I know, he hasn't even shown up on the Seahawks' interview list yet. And sure, Quinn has a connection to Seattle from his time as its defensive coordinator under Carroll. The Vrabel thing is a bit of a hunch, though I do have several sources who share the same hunch and the idea that he could be a sneaky late entry into this pool."

What we think: It's a great idea that we're slightly skeptical about. Vrabel is legitimately a very good coach, and was constantly dealt bum hands while with the Titans. Like Graziano mentions, Dan Quinn seems like the extremely obvious choice, and while his sources have clearly been right in the past, it doesn't seem like many other plugged-in reporters share that same level of confidence. And for whatever it's worth, Vrabel interview with the Chargers on Thursday. He seems like someone who would be a good fit in a city that really embraces their football team, but it also doesn't really seem like a possibility ... yet.