Best remaining NFL Free Agency fits: Notable players are still left on the market

Which players on which teams present the best free agency fits?
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There are still several notable free agents left on the market. Let's make seven ideal free agency fits with the best remaining players. The free agent market should see some more action in the coming months when injuries inevitably hit. It's an unfortunate part of the game, but something that is always there.

And there are still a plethora of contributors left on the market for teams to sign. In fact, it's actually quite shocking how many good players are still left. Every single team still has at least one roster hole, so there isn't a reason for them to not add if the price is right.

So, where are the best remaining free agency fits?

Best remaining NFL Free Agency fits: Notable players are still left on the market

1. Justin Simmons - Detroit Lions

Justin Simmons was cut by the Denver Broncos after the 2023 NFL Season and had spent his entire career with the team. Simmons has played on one winning team and has never appeared in the playoffs. There really is no reason for the talented Simmons to not sign with a contender if the contract offer is there.

Seeing as Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is in town with his staff, a fit with the Lions makes sense. Campbell came from the Sean Payton tree, so there's a small connection here. Furthermore, the Lions could use one more legitimate defensive back, and Simmons again had a very strong season.

2. Ryan Tannehill - Chicago Bears

With no clear backup QB but the most obvious starter in Chicago Bears history, signing the best remaining free agent QB who has played a ton of football makes sense. Ryan Tannehill might be the 38th best QB in the NFL at this point of his career, but he's solid and has played a ton of football.

He could be the perfect backup for Caleb Williams, who is a rookie and may go through a ton of growing pains, and there might not be a better resource to lean on than a veteran backup QB.