Bill Belichick could end up with a new team in the 2024 NFL Season

Could Bill Belichick coach elsewhere in 2024?
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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Absolutely nothing is working for the New England Patriots this year, and I think Bill Belichick might find himself out of a job with that organization this coming offseason. The Belichick era might be coming to an end in New England, and I do think a fresh start is needed. Belichick and the New England Patriots are just 2-9 this year and currently hold the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

From top to bottom, the roster lacks talent. The coaching staff has also done a pretty poor job overall, too. With rumors swirling here and there that Robert Kraft is pretty fed up, don't be surprised if Kraft pulls Belichick into his office at the end of the season and you hear a "mutual parting of ways" coming from the organization.

Belichick has been the HC and GM for years now. And when Tom Brady was in the mix from 2000-2019, the Patriots only won six Super Bowls, three of them in the 2000s and three in the 2010s. After the 2019 NFL Season ended with the Patriots losing to the Tennessee Titans in the playoffs, Brady bounced and went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with whom he won a Super Bowl with in 2020.

And ever since Brady left New England, the Patriots have had a losing record and have already clinched their second-straight losing season. This'll also make it three losing seasons in the four years they've been without Brady. If this was any other coach, there'd be no doubt that he'd have been fired at this point.

Bill Belichick
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But since it's Bill Belichick, you hear people say things like "he can coach for the Patriots as long as he wants!" Frankly, I think that's silly logic. What I do think happens is that the Patriots and Belichick part ways, which could effectively make Belichick a free agent.

Which teams would be interested? Well, I don't necessarily think that every team with a head coach vacancy next offseason would interview him, but I do think some of the more desperate, dysfunctional franchises like Washington, Carolina, and Chicago would all interview the Super Bowl champion coach. Right now, Washington and Chicago don't have a head coach vacancy, but I believe both will open up by the end of the season.

Belichick may also still want to have roster control if he were to coach a new team, and I just don't think he'd have an easy time trying to get that authority as well. I think if Bill Belichick does end up coaching somewhere else in 2024 and wants to again serve as the GM and HC, he'd be left with the "scraps" in some of the more undesirable jobs.