Bold 2024 NFL offseason predictions for the Miami Dolphins

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Bring in a toolsy quarterback

Tua has quickly become one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL. He's essentially become to the Miami Dolphins what Jared Goff was to the L.A. Rams. Not a "toolsy" quarterback, Tua's limitations show when it comes to making off-platform plays. He lacks the athleticism to make plays with his legs, and while he has good arm strength, he's no Matthew Stafford.

The Rams' journey to the Super Bowl with Jared Goff, only to lose and subsequently engage in a blockbuster trade, is reminiscent. While the Dolphins were one and done, it's clear to see that Tua is a quarterback a team can win with. He's a guy who can win a playoff game or two, but he has limits.

The end of the 2023 season saw a collapse, and Tua was partly to blame. With Tua due for a contract, rumors have the Fins offering him a 4-year deal worth $180 million, with $100 million guaranteed. That likely means there's a two-year out, where he could receive the Jared Goff treatment – traded while his value is high. Alternatively, the Fins could draft a developmental quarterback who can do things Tua can't: a player with a big arm and athleticism, ready to spark the team in case of an injury to Tua.

It's a win/win situation for a team that may not look to keep Tua beyond two or three more seasons. Having a capable, dynamic backup quarterback doesn't hurt. The Cowboys' trade for Trey Lance, whether as an insurance policy or for the long term, and the Jordan Love story are notable examples. If the draft isn't where the Fins go, perhaps signing someone like Malik Willis, a young guy with a dynamic skill-set in need of development, would be a viable option. No matter what, the Fins are poised to boost their quarterback room, whether they re-sign Tua or not.