5 teams that should hire Ken Dorsey in 2024

The former Buffalo Bills OC should have plenty of interest.
Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey
Buffalo Bills, Ken Dorsey / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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2. Pittsburgh Steelers

While the Pittsburgh Steelers have won two in a row and are in the thick of the AFC playoff race at 6-3, fans are still not satisfied with offensive coordinator Matt Canada, and that is a severe understatement. In fact, Steelers fans have wanted this guy fired for a very long time. Yet, head coach Mike Tomlin continues to show support for Canada.

At this point, we aren't even sure if the Steelers have a true franchise quarterback in Kenny Pickett. He's had moments of real promise, while he's also had other moments where he looks nothing like an NFL quarterback. Bringing in someone like Dorsey to run the offense and give Pickett a fighting chance at a lengthy NFL career could be a good move.

Pittsburgh is totaling the fifth-fewest yards per game on offense, at just 283.6. They are fourth-worst in passing and the middle of the pack in rushing. The offense lacks creativity. Getting their playmakers the football should not be as if Canada is pulling teeth, but most of the times, that's exactly what it looks like. Dorsey would be an excellent hire, not just for Pickett, but for the future of this offense.