Caleb Williams could potentially be under historic pressure during rookie season

If Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears like we all expect, he could be under some historic pressure.
UCLA v USC / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Unless something insane happens, Caleb Williams is likely headed to the Chicago Bears, and he could already be under crazy pressure during his rookie season. And the pressure isn't even his fault, but Bears fans seem quite passionate, and that passion got to be a bit too much with their former QB, Justin Fields.

Justin Fields made 38 starts for the Bears during his three-year stint there. The Bears went 10-28 in those starts, and Fields threw 30 interceptions and fumbled the football 38 times. Let's be honest; Justin Fields was not ever a franchise QB, and likely never will be. There's a reason why he was traded for a sixth-round pick.

And many Bears fans and even NFL fans believed that GM Ryan Poles did not do enough to surround Fields with adequate talent. From my view, that was their main argument, but I also don't believe that was at all the case. You can't tell the dedicated Justin Fields "stans" that, though, as they're quite adamant that Fields didn't get a fair shot.

Well, with Ryan Poles trading one of the most popular Chicago athletes in quite some time, that upset some fans. And in turn, that anger and frustration has been unfairly put on Caleb Williams, who Chicago will likely select with the first overall pick in a couple of weeks. And I can just see it now; at the first sign of Caleb Williams struggling, the Justin Fields/Bears fans will go bonnkers.

And considering that Chicago hasn't even had a 4,000-yard QB in their team's history and a pretty poor record of QBs, Williams being the elite prospect that he is also adds more pressure. Chicago is clearly a football town, and it's going to stay that way. Williams will likely enter into a bit of a hostile situation with some Bears fans, and the pressure put on him by those fans will be unfair.

However, if Caleb Williams ends up being a home-run selection, no one is going to care about the "what if" with Justin Fields in Chicago.