Chargers Justin Herbert could be under most pressure of any QB in 2024

When will we stop playing the "what if" game with Justin Herbert?
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Justin Herbert is a good quarterback who just so happens to be massive with a rocket arm, but beyond that, the hype he gets seems to not be warranted. In each of Justin Herbert's four years in the NFL, he's been the same type of player. He came into the league as a B, B+ quarterback and has stayed that way.

What, exactly, as Herbert improved on? Has he taken that next step into stardom? Has he led his team to a deep playoff run? Well, the answers to all of those are a resounding no. The fascination that some people have with the passer is confusing, and he always seems to be near the very top of whatever QB power rankings you like to look at.

But why? Across his career, he's credited with a 30-32 record. Statistically, he's actually gotten worse since his breakout rookie season. What he can fill in the stat sheet isn't shown in his team's records over the years, but some cling onto the idea that Herbert has just has a ton of bad luck in the NFL, from bad head coaches, to nonexistent running games, to bad defenses.

The "what if" scenarios with Justin Herbert would make him the best QB to ever set foot on the Earth, but in 2024, he might finally have a chance to silence those "haters" who think he's overrated. Shiny regular season statistics should only get you so far in QB debates, right? I mean, half the league blasts Dak Prescott for being a regular season QB, yet Justin Herbert doesn't get that same effort.

In fact, Prescott has had multiple seasons across his NFL career that trump Herbert's best season in 2020. Frankly, 2024 might be the year for Justin Herbert slam the door on this talk. If he can't, how would he be any different than someone like Kirk Cousins, who clearly isn't an elite QB and is really nothing more than a solid regular season QB?

What if Justin Herbert is a bigger, faster, and more athletic Kirk Cousins? Are Chargers fans ready for that conversation? The pressure is certainly on Herbert in 2024.