Chicago Bears 2 studs (& 1 dud) from Week 6 loss to Vikings

The Chicago Bears had another frustrating loss, this time to the Minnesota Vikings. Here are some studs and duds from the game.
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Stud: Velus Jones, Wide Receiver

Velus Jones has taken a lot of grief since the Chicago Bears drafted him in the third round of last year's draft. He struggled on punt returns and his lack of route-running prevents him from getting onto the field. However, when he has a good game he has to be lauded for it. He had a good game on Sunday.

Jones took the opening kickoff from five yards deep in the end zone and took it to the 32-yard line. That was an excellent 37-yard return. He did have a bobble on the next return after a Vikings field goal but it was a touchback. On his next return, he took the ball at the one and got to the Vikings' 46 for a 53-yard return. He finished the game averaging 30 yards per return. He did his best to give the Chicago Bears offense good field position.

Jones also did a pretty good job running the ball. He ran two sweeps and got 15 yards. He also added a catch for five yards.

Had the Bears won, Jones would have gotten some attention for his play. This was his best all-around performance in a Bears uniform.