Chicago Bears 2 studs (& 1 dud) from Week 6 loss to Vikings

The Chicago Bears had another frustrating loss, this time to the Minnesota Vikings. Here are some studs and duds from the game.
Chicago Bears
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Dud: Luke Getsy, Offensive Coordinator

Many people thought that the Chicago Bears were turning the corner offensively. With 922 yards and 68 points in the past two games, They thought that Getsy and FIelds were finally on the same page and things could continue to improve. That, however, did not happen on Sunday.

Fields got sacked on the first play of the game. The Vikings decided to be aggressive and blitz the Bears. It was similar to what the Washington Commanders did in the second half of last week's game. The results were similar as well.

The Bears did not handle the aggressive nature of Minnesota's defense. Minnesota defenders kept harassing Fields the entire time he was on the field. They finished the game with five sacks.

Getsy did not do anything to adjust to the Vikings' defense. In fact, it seemed that he lost trust and forgot about trying to go downfield. He reverted to the same old thing that has not worked. He kept calling screen after screen and flare passes behind the line of scrimmage. Moore had just one target in the first half.

Fields and Getsy just aren't a good fit. Sure, they will have some good games. However, there is no consistency in play-calling. Getsy does not trust Fields to make the plays. Fields is not the type of quarterback Getsy wants. He does an awful job of consistently utilizing Fields' best assets.

When Fields is on a roll, Getsy will call some good plays. Then, when something goes wrong he will revert to the stale, conservative play-calling that does not work. Something has to be done about this soon. If not, the Bears could end up with the top two picks of next year's draft.